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Whom I Coach

The world is in need of a new paradigm.  Look at any of our systems:  health care and medicine, politics, economics, religion, human rights, energy policy, agriculture, the environment.  We, as a human society and as a planet, are ailing.  We need a significant paradigm shift, perhaps many of them, not only to thrive but also at this point, potentially even to survive.


I coach individuals and groups who are on the leading edge of this new paradigm, progressive thinkers and players who through their inner self-work and their outer actions are making this world a safer, saner, healthier place to live.  I coach people who recognize the link between their personal well being and the well being of this planet and who are taking active steps to improve both.  I coach persons integrating their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves and who appreciate the richness that each of these components adds to their daily experience and to the vitality of their communities.  I coach people taking healing “global,” be that in their families, neighborhoods, cities, nations or quite literally, at the global level.


This has translated into working with people in fields as diverse as health care, business, technology, human rights, arts and media; to coaching entrepreneurs, executives, managers, healers, coaches, teachers, artists – any who are bringing forward their visions for a better world, who are stepping up to the planetary plate, ready to play full out in this evolutionary game.