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"Susan is a master of her craft.  She has an incredible ability for listening to your thoughts, reflecting them back and helping you to organize them into practical and manageable steps.  She also holds a magical talent for transforming goals from feeling heavy or frightening Ė into easy, light, fun and VERY do-able opportunities!!  With humor, impeccable insight, and concise no-nonsense feedback, Susan has helped me move forward in my projects more than I ever thought possible!

"Thank you Sue!"

Rachel Hope
Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker

"Susan, when you and I started working together I was stuck at a part-time job at a furniture store with no possibilities of advancement.  With your help, I am now the Managing Director of a theater company Ė my dream job!  You have helped point me in the right direction and provided me resources in health, finances and general well being.  You are professional and insightful and have also provided positivity and levity at just the right moments. 

"Thank you Susan for all that you have done for me (and along with me)!"

Topher Bellavia
Managing Director, Washington Improv Theater

"My own experience with Sue is still a bit difficult to believe. Shortly after working with Sue, the perfect job appeared.  If she had not already had me thinking along those lines, I might not have recognized it. 

"I have a professional background in economics but about ten years ago I started teaching Yoga and Yoga therapy full time.  I retained an economistís perspective on the world, but my personal interests had shifted to complementary and alternative medicine policy and entrepreneurial non-profit work.

"Sue led me thru a series of exercises to help me identify the perfect work for me.  In the back of my mind, but never vocalized or even written down, was working with a scholarly Yoga association for which I had written several articles. I thought that they could use a little help connecting with the broader political and regulatory environment of Yoga as a complementary and alternative therapy. 

"Shortly, this organization actually called me out of the blue and offered me a position.   I have been the director of  IAYT for three years now, and I still practice half time as a Yoga teacher and therapist.  Itís the perfect balance for me."

John Kepner
Director, International Association of Yoga Therapists

"Susan, I found your coaching style elegant and expansive.  I was eager to make it to each session because I knew you would welcome, engage, encourage and enlighten me.  You provided space for me to think and to be myself.  The success formula to describe my experience is:

Gracious space + intelligence - judgment + lightness = Susan D's coaching"

Susan Newman
Fitness Trainer and Life Coach

"When I began working with Susan, I needed help with the start of a business.  I had the ideas but not the working knowledge to bring them to life.  What I discovered, with Susanís guidance, was that a personís life habits determine the success or failure of a business.  For me, my habits would have led to failure.  Susan not only noticed this but also showed me how to change these habits.  If I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, I had to be an effective person.  My business coach became my life coach.

"As we continue to work together, Susan holds me accountable and supports me to be my best.  I know she will call me on things I have put off and accomplishments I have failed to make, and will challenge me with more goals before our next meeting.  Her insights, her motivation, her recognition and celebration of my achievements however big or small, her gentle guidance all spur me forward.  All the knowledge I have gained and all I have achieved have happened by my own doing.  I know that the power lies within me to be successful.  However, I would have remained blind to my potential had I not had Susanís input along the way, helping to guide me along a positive and successful path."

Casey Milford
Chairman, Free Geek Arkansas

"I want to tell you how I appreciate the kind and sage coaching you did for me last year.  A lot of what you said then is now starting to sink in.  I think you helped jump start my learning and growth.  I appreciate the way you accepted me where I was, were clear and consistent in your communication, and so joyful and intelligent and full of ideas.  You have many gifts and I appreciate you sharing your talent with me.  I felt your genuine care for me, your patience and thoughtfulness, and the passion you brought to your work.  Youíve had an influence on my life and the seeds you planted helped me move out of being stuck. 

"I now see possibilities instead of limitations.  Many thanks."

Nancy Kepner Hill
Development Director, Alta Vista Center for Autism