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Helpful and Inspiring Links

The International Coach Federation (ICF)  is the largest international credentialing organization for business and personal coaches, providing  education and information regarding coaching. The ICF also offers a referral database for individuals and groups seeking coaches.

Coach University (Coach U/Corporate Coach U)  is one of the leading training organizations for business and personal coaches worldwide. 

Heron Dance  was founded by artist Rod MacIver to explore the human connection to the natural world and humansí search for meaning.  With Rodís watercolor paintings and the poetry and prose from many authors, the folks at Heron Dance have created a beautiful journal and website to share in this exploration.  It is most definitely a work of love and beauty.  Please visit.

The Next Us, the brainchild of David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins, is a video portrayal in-the-making of Americans who are seeing past the current economic fall-out, simply because they have a greater vision.  David and Susan (and their support team) have begun an adventure traveling around the country to document Americans who are creating themselves anew, radically and whole-heartedly, in the face of the tremendous crises and upheavals presently facing our country and the planet.  I have no doubt that what they will produce will be visionary, deeply creative, and honest.  Please check it out.