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How does coaching work?

Coaching happens on the telephone and in-person, one-on-one and in groups. There is no set formula for achieving success, and as good coaching is individually based and client-driven, I believe that the appropriate format for each client emerges organically in the conversation between coach and client. A common format for starting one-on-one coaching is to schedule 3 weekly calls per month, ˝-hour to one hour in length, with unscheduled email and phone support in between the regularly scheduled calls (meetings). In-person meetings obviously depend on the client’s locale; I have worked quite successfully both face to face with local clientele and over the phone with individuals I have never met (or only met after months of phone work).

Free taster sessions

Often I will have one or more conversations with individuals regarding coaching before accepting them as clients. These introductory dialogs may include a sample, “taster” coaching session. This is an opportunity for a potential client to experience how coaching works, and to explore whether we would make a good coaching team. These sessions generally last ˝ - 1 hour and happen via phone or in person (depending on the client’s locale). Please call today to schedule your free session!