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How do I find a coach thatís right for me? 

So much of coaching depends on the quality of relationship between coach and client. When you interview for a coach (and itís suggested that you talk to several before making your choice), pay attention to the quality of your conversation. Do you feel heard? Do you feel a strong connection? How about inspired and challenged? Are you addressed with compassion and respect? These are some of the qualities that a good coach will exhibit. 

Many coaches, with backgrounds in other fields, offer a coach/consultant approach combining, where appropriate, coaching with expertise in other areas. I, for instance, have a background in integral healing and health care and draw on that in my coaching practice. Unlike consulting, however, coaching is not dependent on expertise in any certain field (other than coaching, of course). While consultants are hired to come in and fix problems, coaches are hired to assist individuals to develop their own mastery and expertise and thereby discover their own resources and solutions. So a coach can quite effectively coach an individual on projects and issues with which the coach may have very little previous experience.

If you are looking for a coach, please contact me. Iíd love to talk with you to see if I might be of service to you.